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Why Us?

Selecting a tile contractor should not be difficult.  The homeowner should simply look for a tile installation company that has industry experience, a good tile installation project portfolio, and positive client reviews. You should also choose a professional that you feel you can trust.

Unfortunately, finding such a company may be harder than it seems from the start. After all, every contractor claims that they do good work and can be trusted, right? We have all heard the spiel… So on this site, you will not be “sold”, using empty promises and fake credentials. We invite you to consider the facts about us (so do click around on the site), meet us in person, and make a decision based on objective information. So, here are some things about us that you should know:

  • Colorado Tile Pro has been around for over 40 years
  • We are locally owned and based in Lakewood, CO
  • We have won awards for what we do
  • Our customers have good things to say about us
  • Our pricing is fair and when you work with us you can get great discounts on tile
  • We are nice people (but that is really for you to either agree with or not once you get to know us)


About Ryan Carlson

I am actually one of the few natives of Colorado. I was born here in Denver in the exact same hospital as my parents. I even went to school and had some of the same teachers as my parents. How many can say that? In fact, my roots go back here in this area long before Colorado was even a state. At one point while we were still The Colorado/ Nebraska territory official records were kept in Idaho Springs. The first recorded birth on record was one of my family members. My great great great grandfather was a circuit preacher to the Indians and coal miners.

As the son of a fine craftsman, I started working in a cabinet shop about as soon as I could see above the bench tops. My father taught me, at a very young age the importance of a good solid work ethic along with the mindset to take pride in doing the very best possible in every endeavor.

After going to college for a period, I ended up finding myself married and expecting my first of two wonderful children. I began working for a friend who was, at the time, a tile and marble contractor himself. Having the background I did from all of my different work experiences as a child and young man I worked myself to a Journeyman status very quickly.

Alas, the call for free enterprise and the American way quickly lead me to begin contracting for myself in the early eighties. Except for a year or so as a union installer in Hawaii, I have been a self-employed, small business owner my entire life.

After living in paradise for several years I returned to Colorado so that my wife could be with her mother in her last year of life while she was overcome, and eventually died of Cancer.

And now, as a new grandfather of two, I expect it would take an act of God to fold up and move away again.

I consider myself lucky to have been raised in such a great state with a strong work ethic coupled with traditional old-school values.

In my spare time, I enjoy the boundless opportunity provided to us all here in God’s country. I am an avid outdoorsman, an accomplished musician, and a slightly past-prime athlete 🙂

  • Ryan was super insightful about the science behind the tile installation process. He clearly explained how technology guided his product selection and installation techniques. A true professional!

    Chris Luzar Avatar Chris Luzar
    March 6, 2024

    Ryan was extremely helpful in helping us with our project of staining our Saltillo tiles. He got right back to us and helped us with issues with our tiles that... read more

    Louis Greway Avatar Louis Greway
    March 3, 2024

    Ryan and his team were great in replacing a leaking shower pan. Reasonably priced, very responsive and demonstrated that they would treat the job as though it was on their... read more

    Blake Hansen Avatar Blake Hansen
    February 23, 2024
  • We have a kitchen tile floor which was originally installed 18 years ago, and needed to find someone with experience replacing numerous broken tiles. After having a good meeting... read more

    Leslie T Avatar Leslie T
    February 23, 2024

    Exemplary Craftsmanship and Unmatched Trustworthiness. Ryan is a true professional with an impressive 42 years of experience and, above all, is an upstanding person. We hired him to fix... read more

    David Mendelsberg Avatar David Mendelsberg
    January 8, 2024

    A stylish and affordable upgrade done on a flexible schedule. Conrad showed up every day, as scheduled and did a lovely job. Ryan worked in a supervisory capacity,... read more

    Geralyn Prusinski Avatar Geralyn Prusinski
    November 8, 2023